Those Pesky Geese!

Apr 30 2018

Those Pesky Geese!

It only takes a few years for a pair of Canadian geese to become 50 to 100 birds. Some people enjoy watching geese, others find geese and their dropping a nuisance. Geese readily establish nesting areas in places where people congregate and during the nesting season (March-June), they lose their fear of humans and will attack adults, children and pets. Geese will defend their goslings for 10-12 weeks after the eggs hatch.

An encounter with a nesting goose is not soon forgotten and their aggressive displays can keep people from venturing out or entering homes or businesses.

Canadian geese, goslings, their nests and eggs are protected by law but there are some things you can do to rid an area of geese. Utilizing only one strategy is rarely successful. The highest likelihood of success is generally realized by using several strategies simultaneously and rotating the use of a variety of strategies. You will need to be persistent and committed and recognize there is no easy short term solution.

Helpful advice is available from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources or Purdue University Extension.