Assisted Living is a viable housing option for elders that require varying kinds of service and/or care. Making a decision on a community and finding the perfect fit can seem daunting!

First things first: Make a plan.

  • If you are the caregiver, involve the future resident in the selection process. And, when you make those visits, be prepared to ask lots of questions. You are looking for a community that provides independence, privacy, dignity and quality of life.

To begin the process, make a list of things you require, things that would be nice to have and things you don’t want. Think about today and five years from now. Think about family, pets and hobbies.

I have a plan, now what?

INALA members are committed to providing senior housing that gives you independence, privacy, dignity and quality of life. You can begin looking for the perfect assisted living community right here on the INALA website! After you have your criteria in mind, head over to INALA’s interactive map, plug in your desired amenities and begin comparing facilities.

After you have narrowed your list, be sure to click on “request a brochure,” “request a lunch” or “request a tour” for someone from each of the communities you are interested in to contact you. We strongly recommend you visit the communities that interest you. And visit more than once! This is an important decision and the right community will welcome your visits.

Be sure to check out our ever-developing glossary to learn the assisted living lingo you may encounter during your research and visits.