Questions to Ask When Searching for an Assisted Living Community

Feb 18 2017

Questions to Ask When Searching for an Assisted Living Community

A few weeks ago, you read about where you should start in terms of looking for an assisted living community:

My Loved One Needs Assisted Living: Where Do I Start?

The next stop on the road to finding a great assisted living community, best-suited for your needs, is developing a checklist of questions. What do you want to know? Are there particular amenities that are important to you? Do you own a pet?

Having a list of questions prior to attending a new community is a great way to be prepared! (Remember, you are interviewing them – not the other way around.)

We’ve put together a list of questions to get you started:

1. What size units are available?

2. What are the fees associated with the unit?

3. What services are included with the fee? (What is not included in the fee?

4. Do you offer special care units for older adults with Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

5. Are there visitor restrictions for residents?

6. Are pets allowed? (In several communities, pets are welcome!)

7. Is self-administration of medication allowed and encouraged?

8. What meals are provided? Is there a particular schedule?

9. When menu choices are available in the dining room?

10. What additional services are offered on site?

11. How many staff members are on duty at night?

12. What is the resident to staff ratio?

13. How would you describe the current residents?

14. What transportation options are available?

15. What activities are provided? How many people attend?

16. What payment sources are accepted?

To help you find a community best-fit for those factors that are important to you – utilize the INALA Interactive Map to search by location and amenity.

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