Summary of Indiana Residential Survey Tag Report

Summary of Indiana Residential Survey Tag Report. The most frequently cited residential tags for November 2015.

Definitions of Indiana Residential Tag classifications:

Offense: Substantial probability that death or a life –threatening condition will result. Requires immediate correction.

Deficiency: Immediate or direct, serious adverse effect on the health, safety, security, rights, or welfare of a resident.

Noncompliance: In-direct threat on health, safety, security, or rights of a resident.

For the month of November 2015 the cited Offenses were:

Tag Cited # of Facilities Cited Category Description
R0052 2 Residents’ Rights-Offense Residents have the right to be free from: Sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, corporal punishment, neglect, and involuntary seclusion.
R0241 6 Health Services- Offense The administration of medications shall be ordered by the resident’s physician and shall be supervised by a licensed nurse on premises or on call. Medication shall be administered by licensed nursing personnel or qualified medication aides
R0242 1 Health Services – Offense The resident shall be observed for effects of medications.   Documentation of any undesirable effects shall be contained in the clinical record. The physician shall be notified immediately if undesirable effects occur, and such notification shall be documented in the clinical record.
R0090 3 Administration and Management-Deficiency The administrator is responsible for the overall management of the facility. Responsibilities include:   1. Informing the division within 24 hours of unusual occurrence that directly threatens the welfare, safety, or health of a resident.
R0144 2 Sanitation and Safety Standards-Deficiency The facility shall be clean, orderly, and in a state of good repair, both inside and out, and shall provide reasonable comfort for all residents.
R0217 2 Evaluation-Deficiency Completion of an evaluation, the facility using appropriately trained staff members, shall identify and document the services to be provided by the facility.
R0243 2 Health Services-Deficiency The individual administering the medications shall document the administration in the individual’s medication and treatment records that indicate the: time, name of medication or treatment, dosage, and Name or initials of person administering the drug or treatment.
R0273 9 Food and Nutritional Services-Deficiency All food preparation and serving areas are maintained in accordance with state and local sanitation ,including 410 IAC 7-24

The following Tags were cited at least once at a deficiency level in the Month of November 2015: R0036, R0044. R0053, R0055, R0154, R0214, R0240, R0246 and R0414.

Number of Offense Tags cited:             9

Number of Deficiency Tags cited:        27

Number of Residential Tags cited:       36