2016 Informal Dispute Resolution Requests Statistics

2016 Informal Dispute Resolution Requests Statistics

From the Indiana State Department of Health

Total Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) requests

In 2015 there were IDR requests for 116 survey reports with 193 tags.

Changes in tags resulting from IDR – all surveys

66.84%   No change (last year 68%)

16.06%   Tags removed (last year 15%)

7.25%    Scope and severity (s/s) changes (last year 3%)

6.22%    Example removed (about the same as last year)

0.0%      Tag change (last year 1.25%)

6.22%   s/s change / example removed (last year .83%)


33.16% of requested reviews had some kind of change.


Type of review- all surveys

57.76% were paper reviews (last year 61.29%)

42.24% were face to face reviews (last year 38.71%)



There were 7 facilities included in the stats that either were free standing residential or residential units within a comprehensive care facility that received R tags and requested IDR.  There were 7 residential tags total.  The outcome for the residential tags was:


6 tags were no change –85.71%

1 tag was removed —      14.29%


Scope and severity of requested reviews

s/s J-L— 3.36%  (last year 2.92%)

s/s G-I— 26.42 (last year 16.25%)

s/s D-F—56.99%  (last year 69.58%)

s/s A-C— 6.74%  (last year 6.67%)

s/s G-L— 30.05% (last year 19.17%)



* There are surveys conducted in 2015 in which the IDR has not been completed.  Those IDRs will be in 2016 data.