New Medicare Card

Jan 08 2018

New Medicare Card

Oh Boy! A new Medicare Card!!

OK, maybe it isn’t that exciting. But beginning April 2018, new Medicare cards will be mailed. The new card will not have your social security number on it. This should keep your information more secure and help protect your identity.

Your benefits won’t change!

To get ready for your new card, make sure the social security office has your correct address. Call 1-800-772-1213 or go to account if you need to update.

Don’t be fooled –you do not need to pay to get the new card. And if someone calls and says they need your personal information so you can get a card, don’t give it to them!

These cards will be mailed over a 12 month time period, so don’t be concerned if your neighbor gets their card before you.

You can start using your new Medicare card as soon as you get it!