My Loved One Needs Assisted Living: Where Do I Start?

Nov 08 2017

My Loved One Needs Assisted Living: Where Do I Start?

After long, heartfelt discussions, your loved one will now be making the move to an assisted living community. You’ve been tasked with finding the PERFECT place.

Where on earth do you even start?

Start here by using INALA’s And find assisted living communities near you!

You know the saying “it takes a village?” Well, it really does! Utilize your village.

The easiest way to find suggestions and opinions on assisted living communities is to search via social media. Do you have a Facebook account? Post  message to your friends. Something as simple as “Hey, I’m looking for an assisted living community for my loved one, does anyone have any suggestions?” will do the trick. Outside of asking your friends on Facebook, there are several local community and neighborhood pages on Facebook as well.

Another social platform you can use is Nextdoor. This will be a great place to ask those in your subdivision or neighborhood. Ask them the same question.

Once you’ve gathered some general opinions of local communities, don’t stop there! Talk to people who have done this search before. They are sure to have some tips and tricks to guide you in the right direction. Hearing about other’s personal experiences with finding the right assisted living community can make the task at hand seem less daunting.

Be sure to schedule tours at a few assisted living communities to continue on your quest for the perfect place. Check back next week for a list of questions to ask on your AL community tours.

For further guidance on how to find an assisted living community best fit for your loved one, contact INALA today at (317) 733-2390 or