INALA, LeadingAge Indiana, IHCA, and HOPE meet with Terry Whitson, ISDH Assistant Commissioner of the Health Care Quality and Regulatory Commission, and Kim Rhodes, Long Term Care Division Director, monthly. Here is the update from our July meeting:

  • Independent Informal Dispute Resolution is changing to a contract the MPRO in Michigan. The contract has not been signed yet, and once contracts are signed and in-place, the change will be published in an upcoming ISDH newsletter.
  • The federal CMS Dementia Focus Surveys are scheduled to begin in Indiana this federal fiscal year.
  • ISDH MDS focus surveys will soon begin and continue throughout the fiscal year. A CMP will be mandatory on any finding of “D” or above.
  • Elevator Equipment Rooms, according to ISDH Life Safety, must have fire suppression. This has created some confusion because the elevator inspectors will not approve sprinklers in the elevator equipment room. ISDH indicated there are at least two solutions:
    • Powder Suppression System (non-water based)
    • Shunt Trip
  • CMS reports indicates Indiana is 24th in the nation in the usage of antipsychotic medications. 3.8 percent drop