INALA Conversations: Transitioning to Assisted Living

Aug 12 2016

INALA Conversations: Transitioning to Assisted Living

Starting a conversation about health, finances and living situations with a loved one can be difficult- but it doesn’t have to be. The INALA Conversations series is a resource to help prepare you for those discussions. Let us help guide you through these important conversations with some helpful tips and insight. Positive communication is key!

Transitioning to Assisted Living… it may not be easy, but it’s worth it!

Remember the first day of school? First day on the job? Sometimes, major life changes like those mentioned can be confusing, overwhelming and difficult. Sometimes, change can make us feel down right awful… but, it doesn’t have to. The same goes for making the adjustment to assisted living.

Is your mom/dad/loved one getting ready or in the middle of moving to an assisted living community?

Here are some tips and tricks to help them better adjust:

1. Make sure you know what transition support the community provides and encourage your loved one to take advantage of those opportunities.

2. Remind them of their independence. Can they do something really well on their own still? Remind them of that.

3. Talk to them about all of the actives and clubs available right on the property.

4. Remind them that they aren’t alone. You are only a phone call away, AND every other resident who lives in your loved one’s community has gone through the same transition.

5. Pull together materials to familiarize them with the community. Activities calendar, menu, a list of staff.

6. Encourage them to interact and get to know the staff– they are there to help!

As for you, the caregiver… the top three ways to help transition are:

1. Make sure you

2. Be understanding.

3. Listen.

Life’s next chapter is beginning and with your love and support, it can be amazing! Visit INALA today for more information and additional resources!