INALA Conversations: Talking About Respite Care

Aug 05 2016

INALA Conversations: Talking About Respite Care

Starting a conversation about health, finances and living situations with a loved one can be difficult- but it doesn’t have to be. The INALA Conversations series is a resource to help prepare you for those discussions. Let us help guide you through these important conversations with some helpful tips and insight. Positive communication is key!

Are you part of the generation that cares for both your adult parents and children, all while working a full time job? Are you the spouse of someone who needs constant care? Do you feel flattened financially, physically or emotionally? Is your stress level off the charts because there isn’t enough time in the day? Do you feel like you cannot do it all?

It’s time to talk about respite care. Respite care means finding a substitute caregiver for a period of time so you can avoid caregiver burnout. Many caregivers cannot recognize when they are suffering burnout and eventually get to the point where they cannot function effectively. They may even become sick themselves.

If you love a caregiver, here are some conversation starters:

-We love you and we don’t want you to feel like caring for mom is your exclusive responsibility.

-Would your loved one expect as much from you as you are expecting from yourself?

-It must be frustrating when things happen to upset the plans you’ve made.

Support is there for you, let me help you find it.

Assisted living communities can help. Take the step to call a local provider and ask whether they offer respite care services or contact INALA today! Check out a few resources below to get you started:

Recognizing burnout (WebMD)

Family Caregiver Alliance

Your local Area Agency on Aging

-Chapters of national organizations dedicated to assisting people with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, cancer or stroke can also help.