Community Spotlight: Brookdale Portage

Oct 25 2016

Community Spotlight: Brookdale Portage

If you’re just starting your journey with assisted living, you may only need a little assistance with your day-to-day life. At Brookdale Portage, we believe in enabling you, and empowering you to provide your own care as long you feel comfortable. We’ll just step in to help when you feel you need it most. You’ll receive the right kind of assistance — and not more than you want.

Senior care isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition, and the community you pick for your care shouldn’t be either. When you choose us, the first thing we’ll do is a personalized service assessment. This is where we get to know you — how we can best help, and what you’d rather do on your own. We’ll listen to you and your care needs.

Then, we’ll establish clinical, dining and activity programs that work specifically for you. Whether that means you need some assistance on when to take certain medications, when and what kinds of foods to eat to keep you healthy and happy, or how to reach fitness and ability goals, we’re here for whatever you need to live your best years yet.

But that’s not all — you’ll also receive regular check-ins where we update your whole care plan, starting from the ground up to figure out where are you now, where we want to go together, and how to get there.