Ask the Pharmacist

Feb 22 2016

Ask the Pharmacist

As we get older, most of us take more medicines. Sometimes a lot more medicines! Licensed assisted living communities all have a consultant pharmacist. Pharmacists are highly trained professionals who understand those pills you take! Get to know them. They are part of your care delivery team and you should use their expertise.

In licensed assisted living communities, the pharmacist is there to review the records of residents who need assistance with medication administration but all residents can benefit from the presence of the pharmacist.

Go over medications.

The pharmacist is on site at least every 60 days, and they can meet with you and with family members to discuss medications. While only your doctor can order a medication, a pharmacist can explain what each pill does, its possible side effects and how each medication might interact with other prescriptions, over the counter medications or supplements. A pharmacist can also make recommendations to your doctor based on his or her knowledge of geriatric pharmacology. If you use multiple pharmacies and multiple prescribers, the consultant pharmacist provides a comprehensive look at your entire medication profile. The pharmacist works to ensure everything is working correctly together to ensure optimal results with the safest medication for you.

Help in dealing with dementia.

For dementia associated issues, the pharmacist, along with your doctor, the nursing staff, you and your family, can develop a plan for managing issues using a combination of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions.

Remember: Learning never stops.

Assisted living communities frequently host educational sessions for residents and the public. Residents can ask pharmacists to come and talk about topics of interest. If you have questions about managing your health, a pharmacist is a great resource!