Indiana Assisted Living Association’s (INALA) mission is to promote the interests of the assisted living industry in Indiana and to enhance the quality of life for the population it serves.

The Indiana Assisted Living Association believes assisted living brings a housing option to seniors which offers quality housing and caring assistance in the least prescriptive manner, provided by individuals with the highest professional standards. The Association encourages a residential environment that enhances social interaction and promotes the quality of life.

INALA’s Purpose

INFORMATION: To provide an organization in which assisted living providers can unite, exchange information and interact with peers.

LEADERSHIP: To be the leading recognized source of information, education and advocacy for the industry.

EXPERTISE: To encourage and promote the development of high standards for the assisted living industry.

REPRESENTATION: To promote and advocate for assisted living with public and private agencies and other professionals.

GUIDANCE: To assist provider members by addressing issues and challenges as they arise in this emerging industry.

PUBLIC EDUCATION: To raise public awareness and knowledge about assisted living.

RESPONSIVENESS: To respond promptly, responsibly and confidentially to each provider member, consumer of assisted living services or any individual or organization seeking information or assistance related to assisted living in Indiana.

To accomplish this, INALA

  • Actively participates on committees and workgroups of the Indiana State Department of Health and the Family and Social Services Administration Division of Aging.
  • Proposes bills and actively lobbies for regulations appropriate for effective operations of varied service levels for the health and safety of the assisted living resident.
  • Responds to proposed rule changes proposed by various departments of the state.
  • Collaborates and works with other state based trade associations representing various aspects of the continuum of care for the elderly.
  • Stays abreast of and initiates responses to regulatory concerns at the national level through a variety of means.
  • INALA is committed to enhancing resident options and choices and actively encourages a variety of creative solutions for all kinds of senior living models for a variety of income levels.